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يعد برنامج مكتبي لإدارة مكاتب المحاماة احد البرامج المساعدة في ادارة المكتب من خلال سهولة استخدامه وشمولية ما يحتويه من عدة مهام مساعدة توفر الوقت والجهد في مجال الادارة ويساعد في تقسيم العمل وتنظيمه بين افراد المكتب

What makes Maktabi the best solution?

Mobile Application

Download Maktabi Mobile app and get constant connectivity with legal documents and updates anywhere, anytime.Now with Maktabi mobile app you can manage your office and access your files and calander anytime and everywhere.

Client Portal & Mobile App

Clients portal for your clients to access reports and files that you share with them. You can also receive consulation requests and files from the client side.

Safety & Security

Makatabi Platform highly secure and safe thanks to the latest security methods and protocols that are applied on our servers.